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Sunak to hold first cabinet meeting, face opposition as new UK PM

His cabinet includes allies and some former Truss backers. There are also a number of figures from the right wing of the Conservative Party. James Cleverly continues as foreign secretary and Ben Wallace is defence secretary.

25-10-2022, 23:08

Rishi Sunak to become new UK prime minister

42-year-old will be UK's first British Asian premier

24-10-2022, 22:50

Poll: Many in US want more action on climate change

Democrats in Congress approved the Inflation Reduction Act in August, handing President Joe Biden a hard-fought triumph on priorities that his party hopes will bolster prospects for keeping their House and Senate majorities in Novembers elections.

24-10-2022, 21:30

Intensifying ethnic polarity in Israel reaches deadline of election campaign

The sharp political polarization and hatred between the different camps in Israel reaches the last line of the election campaign, and they are expressed in all media channels.

24-10-2022, 06:30

Russia warns of 'uncontrolled escalation' after fresh bout of missile, drone strikes on Ukraine

According to the Russian defence ministry, Sergei Shoigu, the defence minister spoke to his French, British and Turkish counterparts and discussed the 'rapidly deteriorating situation'

23-10-2022, 20:07

Giorgia Meloni sworn in as Italy's first woman PM

Leader of post-fascist Brothers of Italy takes oath before President Sergio Mattarella at Quirinal Palace in Rome –– once home to popes and kings of Italy.

23-10-2022, 19:57

Documents seized from Trump home held US secrets about Iran, China

Classified files found by FBI agents at Mar-a-Lago included secret documents that described intelligence work regarding China and at least one of them described Iran's missile programme, Washington Post reports.

23-10-2022, 19:55