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NATO invites Russia to new meetings to avoid war in Ukraine

Stoltenberg says NATO members ready to meet with Russia again to discuss Moscow’s concerns, prevent military attack on Ukraine

18-01-2022, 16:21

Blinken heading to Ukraine amid Russia tensions

Trip part of 'efforts to de-escalate the tension caused by Russia’s military build-up and continued aggression': State Dept

18-01-2022, 16:01

A drone attack in Abu Dhabi claimed by rebels in Yemen has killed three people

A drone attack claimed by Yemen’s Houthi rebels triggered a fuel tank blast that killed three people in Abu Dhabi.

18-01-2022, 07:21

Iran to reopen OIC representative office in Saudi Arabia

Iranian diplomats are in Jeddah to launch office after six years as Iran and Saudi Arabia prepare for a fifth round of direct talks.

17-01-2022, 11:11

Tonga calls for ‘immediate aid’ after volcanic eruption, tsunami

Official says there is an immediate need for drinking water and food, as efforts begin to assess the scale of the damage.

17-01-2022, 04:11

Kazakhstan: At least 225 killed in recent riots

Over 4,500 people also injured during violence stemming from protests, says prosecutor

17-01-2022, 04:04

Israeli settlers storm Al-Aqsa complex in Jerusalem

Over 34,562 Israeli settlers stormed Al-Aqsa complex in 2021, according to Palestinian estimates

17-01-2022, 04:02

US Official: Russia is preparing a pretext for invading Ukraine

The Kremlin says reports that Russia is preparing a provocation are ‘unfounded’, as tensions reach new heights.

15-01-2022, 09:11

Russia asks Turkey for explanation

Moscow has asked Ankara for explanation on remarks made by the Turkish president's advisor over UN Security Council peacekeeping mission in Kazakhstan.

14-01-2022, 19:55