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Mobile data prices quite high in low-income countries: UN report

Almost 75% of global population age 10 and over has mobile phones, only 63% of women using internet in 2022, says UN agency

30-11-2022, 01:01

Germany and France sign joint declaration on energy solidarity

Parties say they are 'committed to implementing concrete measures of mutual support, solidarity to guarantee security of energy supply'

26-11-2022, 20:34

Greeks use most expensive unleaded fuel in EU

Country also has fourth-highest diesel prices in bloc

26-11-2022, 20:24

European stock markets close with gains consecutively for third day

Germany's DAX 30 performs best, soaring 111 points, or 0.78%

24-11-2022, 22:12

Doctors in Madrid begin ‘historic’ indefinite strike

Regional premier asked doctors to go back to work amid spike in flu cases

22-11-2022, 05:54

Rishi Sunak announces new air defense package for Ukraine

Package includes 125 anti-aircraft guns and technology to counter Iranian-supplied drones, says official statement

19-11-2022, 22:17

Schools in UK struggle amid soaring energy bills, cost of living

Staff, students at schools in Oxford, Abingdon might have to choose between teaching and heating, CEO of Vale Academy Trust tells British media

18-11-2022, 20:52

China and Argentina agree to currency swap at G20 summit

Sergio Massa says $5 billion will help strengthen Argentina's Central bank, currency

15-11-2022, 22:00

Oil prices fall 3% as global recession fears

WTI crude futures fall more than 3% to below $86 per barrel; OPEC reduces forecasts for global oil demand as recession concerns grow

14-11-2022, 20:15