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Canada's Media Industry Accuses Meta of Unfair Practices in Blocking News Content on Social Media

Canadian media associations criticize Meta's move to block news content on Facebook and Instagram, labeling it as anticompetitive, and call for an investigation into the matter.

9-08-2023, 00:17

Amazon Reports Strong Q2 Profit Recovery, Driven by Robust Ad Services Revenue

US-based online retailer’s advertising services bring in $10.7 billion, up 23% year-on-year

3-08-2023, 22:40

Apple Reports Record Revenue of Nearly $82B in April-June Quarter

According to CEO Tim Cook, the company achieved an all-time high in services revenue during the quarter.

3-08-2023, 22:27

12 Tips for Recognizing Fake Rich People

In the words of Warren Buffett, genuine wealth transcends mere possessions, embracing financial freedom and security.

1-08-2023, 12:39

China's paper cash is going digital.

The digital yuan is meant to be faster than using credit or debit cards on digital wallets like Apple Pay.

30-07-2023, 23:59